The softwarisation of industry

Software Apps

You may have heard the term before, but it remains vague and unclear. Softwarisation, or the software led evolution of everyday services, is a revolution already well underway. In this post we ask what it is exactly, what does it mean and just how much will it affect your industry. Continue reading

UI tools that can supercharge your software

UI Widget
The frontend is taking over. With the user expectation rising constantly for quick, apadtive UI that lets them easily understand and access a site or app, new methods are constantly invented for displaying data. Sometimes a quick animation or menu effect can do more to inform users than a full design overhaul, here are just a few impressive UI tools. Continue reading

5 Methods for effective automated testing

Automated Testing

As any line of business software begins to grow in scale and complexity, an automated UI testing tool becomes increasingly important. Ensuring regression issues are caught and avoided and removing the need to re-test the entire system with every minor change can quickly enhance team efficiency. Here are some significant things to consider when setting up automated tests to ensure success.

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