Softwarisation of the food supply industry

Supermarket Fruit

Photo via anthonyalbright on Flickr

When it comes to your company stock pricing information, you need to know your apples from your oranges. This is quite literally the case with fruit supply company AG Thames in the supermarket retail sector, and a recent collaboration with Strategic Apps demonstrates the benefits to data-focused businesses when streamlining their market intelligence. AG Thames Holdings are a long established company based in the UK, they are a major supplier for UK food retailers with revenues now in excess of £250M. Continue reading

3 more ‘dirty secrets’ of data visualisation

Make sure you don’t end up with pointless charts

The recent net magazine post listing the ‘seven secrets about data visualisation‘ was particularly relevant to us at Strategic Apps, as data visualisations are a common request of client projects. The article listed common pitfalls and misconceptions about data visualisation and it’s application, including truth’s such as ‘real data is ugly’ and ‘a bar chart is usually better.’ Continue reading

Software Specification Documents (a.k.a. ‘the bad old days’)

Traditionally, the client comes to us with a requirements document (or  ‘software specification’ document) and asks us ‘How much will it cost?

Of course the fastest way to make the sale is to pick a figure that you know to be competitive and close the deal, implying a very simple transaction: ‘You’ve told us you want X, we can provide it for £Y’ What could be simpler! Same as going into a car showroom and buying a car, right? We all understand web systems these days so we just name a price and deliver the product. Oh dear. Continue reading