Softwarisation of the food supply industry

Supermarket Fruit

Photo via anthonyalbright on Flickr

When it comes to your company stock pricing information, you need to know your apples from your oranges. This is quite literally the case with fruit supply company AG Thames in the supermarket retail sector, and a recent collaboration with Strategic Apps demonstrates the benefits to data-focused businesses when streamlining their market intelligence. AG Thames Holdings are a long established company based in the UK, they are a major supplier for UK food retailers with revenues now in excess of £250M.

Our client required a new data software platform for usage with a ‘big four’ UK supermarket. The platform needed to enable commercial managers to access realtime product prices, easily upload new data and generate clear visuals based on this information. The ultimate aims were to increase company efficiency and setup an advanced platform for future development.

The key challenge for Strategic Apps was in understanding the clients key aims, and in ensuring we developed the right plan to guarantee top results.

Working with SSA, AG Thames were able to clearly define their specific project requirements, and through research and discussion the Fruit Intel web application was formulated.The solution involved a structured plan for the data upload, schema setup, user access and permissions, plus the all important data storage and visualisations. Other key features included the ability to upload photos from stores and a detailed list of supply policies. The benefit of an ongoing partnership with AG Thames meant project goals could be continually set and managed as the project took shape, rather than a one-off solution.

AG Thames

Software allows easy access to comparative price data

Towards the end of 2012 the first Fruit Intel site went live, encompassing all agreed features and providing instant impact. The client was able to import years of previously unsorted data and develop a searchable library of images and reports, as well as gaining instant insight from graphical charts on product pricing. The product was delivered ahead of schedule and eliminated administrative work previously needed for their data management, creating instant return on investment. The success of the platform also enabled plans for future development and ongoing support for future projects.

We presented our data portal to our biggest client and it went down a storm.

– Simon Cannell, Trade Marketing Director, AG Thames

This example shows an excellent outcome in a real life environment where the supply chain industry can make massive gains from their data management challenges. If you are interested in deploying a similar solution, or simply wish to discuss a data management strategy for your company please contact us via our website.


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