Strategic Apps launches showcase demos

SSA Charts showcase

See some fancy data visualisations in action (from Kendo UI)


We’ve created an exciting new area on our website for showcase demos of the latest 3rd party widgets, tools and web features with excellent potential for data management software

A common request in project inception meetings is for suggestions and input from our perspective. As common users and developers of modern web software we are more regularly introduced to exciting new third party apps and widgets that not only look great but make sites faster and more intuitively useful.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve setup the SSA showcase area – a basic library of customised tools that can easily be implemented into clients’ prospective web software. Our initial set demos just a few samples; animated chart displays, styled forms, a mobile responsive template and table filters, but the aim is to add to this impressive library of tools.

With plans to develop this feature into a great showcase menu of features this is definitely one to watch, in the meantime we’d love to hear any thoughts and suggestions for the feature. View it here


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