5 Examples of softwarisation in action

You may hear the term used in many contexts, softwarisation – the software defined development of technology. The ease of innovation and rapid development through online software is creating a new generation of efficient new technology in a wide variety of industries. But what is it? how will this new buzz term be used and in what context can it be understood, here we give a selection of examples of the softwarisation trend in action.

1. 3D-printing

The hot new trend in technology currently is 3D printing and all that it offers. While its true impact remains to be seen until they are commercially available at a practical cost, it will likely have massive ramifications for any business that still relies on deliveries and transportation of goods. More importantly, because a product is produced quickly from a computer, it can quickly be redesigned and reshaped or perfected through updates in the software. This new process will see software take greater influence the physical world rather than purely digital.

2. Computer games

Xbox One

Particularly topical with the upcoming talk about Sony and Microsoft’s latest device launch, one of the key talking points was about online access and ability to trade games among friends. The thinking here is clearly toward a future where games are downloaded for easy updates and seamless communication with the console. Indeed this has led some industry experts to discuss going a step further – where a smart TV may have all the relevant hardware and device launches are a thing of the past.

3. Cloud software

Indeed even the software industry has seen its own softwarisation type development – through the rapid increase of mobile apps and cloud storage. The need for data to be available on multiple devices and locations, combined with the ease for updates and open source development has seen many traditional hardware switch to cloud versions. Its more common to setup the MS Office package online now, or Adobe’s new Creative Cloud software, these online packages allow extra libraries, mini apps and storage to be easily built in and combined.

4. Music

Spotify Playlists

The music industry has been a noticeable area where online has taken over, but now software is going further. Beyond the simple ease of access to listen to and buy music, a massive industry is now growing for applications to combine music libraries, share playlists and discover new and recommended music like never before, a softwarisation of something done manually since the dawn of recorded music.

5. Business software

Fruit Intel

Data Management Software

And so to data focused industries, where many businesses are looking to use the increased softwarisation of everything to their advantage. Our clients at SSA range from the healthcare, non-profit, financial and retail supply industries, and have found the need for specific custom built software to suit their needs. The benefits from a scalable online platform to automate processes and provide business insights have unlimited value to data centered company, and the logical trend is toward increased software led tools within business.

Find out more about how we feel softwarisation will affect business on our website


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