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Womens Aid PortalOur development in the non-profit sector to produce a bespoke data management platform

Women's AidWhen nationwide domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid faced problems with their legacy data management system, they decided to commission a bespoke replacement. Their staff and partners needed better tools to manage their highly sensitive data records and they saw an opportunity to increase ease-of-use and everyday productivity.


We began with consultation meetings to identify the key issues and project potential. After drafting a plan to integrate the existing legacy data and agreeing upon the must have, should have, and nice-to-have requirements, we began work on a bespoke data platform to suit their needs.


With the right starting framework, we were able to create a set of user types with secure, fine-grained access and permissions to the system. Key screens of the system were mocked-up as browsable HTML before full implementation to give a highly accurate impression of the finished product at an early stage. We then conducted a modular build to put the system in place piece-by-piece with hands-on technical project management throughout.

Women's Aid

User login requires a set question for extra security as requested


Following release the client quickly saw a reduced time to complete key administrative functions, and were able to identify further areas for productivity. With ongoing short development cycles the system remains up-to-date and keeps pace with the changing needs of this dynamic organisation.

Women's Aid

Newer features include extra detail capture for new record entries

Strategic Apps

Find out more about the Women’s Aid project here or contact us to see how we canĀ help your organisation increase productivity with a bespoke web build.


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