The new target: Design around dynamic content

Dynamic Data

We look at the increasing need for adaptive design control on modern websites

In a previous blog, I discussed the challenges designers face in creating modern websites, particularly with regard to the fluid content most websites now feature making static mockups unreliable. It has been encouraging in recent months to see designers discussing this issue further and software trying to bridge the gap.

In this recent article on Codrops by Gorka Molero, the emphasis was on the unclear role of a web designer as to visual, UX and building aspects of a web build. The quote from Jacey Gulden sums it up perfectly:

‘Hanging on to older processes that include creating static wireframes and pixel-perfect mockups for design is counter-productive […]. Instead of spending time designing for […] device widths […], designers now have to focus on designing for content’.

The outdated method of moving from approved static shots to an HTML construction suggests designers need a strong coding awareness, but also a consideration for the varying content likely to flow through the adapting template.

Take Google+ as a modern dynamic application. Never will anyone be able to mockup something such as this on Photoshop without a million problems.

This evolution promises an exciting shift in web designers skillset and is particularly true of data management web software. As a website must consider changes to device and screen width, touch and click interface, minimum and overflowing content, the role of designer is gradually shifting from inception artist to a mediator of brand consistency.


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