Is your business still in the age of Excel spreadsheets?

Excel fail
Are you still using Microsoft’s well known spreadsheet tool for key business processes. There’s a better way…

It is the standard software for any stats and number crunching. Many of us learnt to manipulate data through Excel and it would probably be difficult in most offices to manage without it. It is no surprise that many businesses use Excel spreadsheets to record account data or sales records, but what is surprising is just how many large companies in key data driven industries rely on Excel for detailed data management.

We are increasingly finding clients looking for custom built data management systems as replacement to static spreadsheets currently being used. Companies are having trouble with data security, permissions and access, the constant need to manually update records and the potential danger of losing the most recent versions of files. Large companies in particular fall prey to this danger, with different departments mailing updated spreadsheets to each other and digging them out when needing to create reports.

A better way

Get fast insights - Data visualisation software

Get fast insights – Data visualisation software

The softwarisation of industry is increasing the need for businesses to get the most from their data. At Strategic Apps, our consultation process aims to locate the key areas where a company can speed up processes and become more efficient through tailor made software.

Keep live records in a secure cloud based software, upload reports and restrict access to specific users. Access your full data history and audit all actions on the system, then use filtered data to produce informative visualisations and charts. These reports can then be printed or exported as, you guesssed it, Excel files if needed.

So what about your company, still stuck in the ‘Excel age’?


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