5 Common Software Testing Gotchas

Test Fail

No matter how strong the quality of a digital agency, a solid testing methodology remains essential. As anyone in the software development industry will know, bugs and errors are an inevitable consequence in the building process and only a strong plan for testing will uncover them (before the client does!).

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5 reasons not to do your web development in-house

The IT Team

The Internet has been around for a long time. At least 15 years. Over half a lifetime if you are a twenty-something dotcom millionaire. For the rest of us with an interest in the web it is certainly long enough for a few different ‘eras’ of web development to have come and gone with a few useful lessons along the way. Continue reading

The practicality of ‘beautiful design’

Device Dashboard - iPad - UI/UX/iOS by by Jason Wu on Dribble

Device Dashboard – iPad – UI/UX/iOS by by Jason Wu on Dribble

Sliding foldout menus, popout hover displays, spinning menu wheels, slick beautiful design is in abundance throughout the latest cool websites like these screens from Dribble. Inventive creativity is a great thing for the web, but are key design challenges being ignored in pursuit of glamour?

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