Handling Large Data: Applying Filter Controls

ICON Filters

In this brief post we demonstrate a key strengh within a strong client partnership in gathering requirements for a bespoke software solution.

When developing a recent project with financial industry client Xenmet to aid commodity exchange, it became clear early on that screens would consist of large amounts of data. A log record keeping many thousands of transactions and other listings meant a great benefit in central access to information, but faced the challenge of becoming equally confusing and time consuming to retrieve key data. The UX challenge became of making it easy for users to find specific information quickly, without needing to rely on other backup up references.

This is a great example challenge that is best solved with strong client requirements capture. Only through a thorough process of review and discussion can our software team understand the ultimate aims of the software and deliver our strongest recommendations for implementation. Our eventual solution in this particular case was to introduce a third party custom table filter, with high quality search options.

ICON Filters

As the images suggest, users can search in any column heading by entering a search criteria, then use the dropdown to specify where to look for this data. As financial records can often be long strings of numbers without memorable identifiers, this detailed search view makes it possible to quickly refine many options based on is known, saving a great deal of time.

At SSA we are not just software developers. A full delivery of client support, UX and design principles are always applied to a project to ensure the best possible outcome, find out more on our website.


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