Starting with solutions: The minimum viable product

Version 1

One of the central beliefs to SSA’s development strategy is in ensuring clients quickly benefit from their custom built platform. The traditional method of slow process for eventual reward can be bettered in the modern industry with faster development cycles to improve a working product as we discuss here..

The dreaded ‘IT Project’

Even a company that has identified the need for a solution to their data management issues and has decided to look into a bespoke software can still be held back by the cost and timeline concerns. A cloud based data portal that would replace existing systems across a company could likely involve a confusing transition period and a long term setup.

There is also the issue that projects will take many months (or even years) before the working product is ready, meaning massive outlay with no short -term gain, so the approval for such projects is held off until it becomes an even greater problem, one that needs a different method.

Short steps over great leaps

So here’s the new plan; focus on the key aim for your business first. This could be to centralise all your data in one application, make a data upload and export program or even just a simple records system with secure client logins. Focusing on a single  aspect means the platform version 1.0 can be up and running in a very short time, making it instantly see return on investment and beneficial. Then, once the groundwork is in place, develop into it with a structured development plan to quickly grow your long term solution.

Your MVP

The minimum viable product (MVP) will always be a point of discussion from the first consultation. Our key focus is in proving the value of a project as quickly as possible to build a strong solution for the future. A projects’ inception will always include a full roadmap for future development and a fully elaborated project setup and schema to support future features, so the structured implementation of future features is easy and painless.

Start with solutions - build functionality into your key aim

Start with solutions – build functionality into your key aim

Client control

The best part of this method is the greater control for the client as to the rate of development and importance of features. Using an Agile methodology, it is easy to re-prioritize new features and up and downscale to rate of progress, with full support to fix any unforeseen issues and fully managed versioned releases. The power has been shifted.

To find out more about SSA and their methods, contact us or visit our website.

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