Web portals – 3 services for web-savvy customers that your business should have

Web portal

A web portal dashboard (Image via https://dribbble.com/Radium)

Setting up an online portal to access and manage your data is increasingly slipping from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’. Here are 3 essential use-cases that show your business in the best light and make commercial sense too.

1. View-Your-Own Info

If a security conscious client asks for a full record of all information you hold about them, you are legally obliged to source and provide this information. This could involve digging through emails, attached Excel files and saved notes, then verifying which is most recent, a tedious admin job that frustrates the waiting client and increases staff costs. Much better to present your company as open, transparent and efficient with secure data stored in a client portal that can be instantly accessed, updated and exported.

Data portal

Easily access your company data (Image via https://dribbble.com/andyisonline)

2. Upload Scanned Paperwork

Does your business involve filing and exchanging a lot of paperwork? There are few who don’t. Save yourself the email headache with a system that lets staff upload and label scanned documents, or even let clients submit files themselves. A clean user interface can make a laborious job significantly faster and more productive.

Document upload system

Document upload system (image via https://dribbble.com/jonathanmoreira)

3. Self-Serve Reporting

Put your data to work with effective charts and reporting applications. This can be easily presented to clients or made accessible to specific users. Allowing customers to chart their data  leads to more engagement with your services and more repeat business.

Present your data with clear visualisations (image from https://dribbble.com/foundationsix)

These and many other common data management requirements can be solved with a well designed and quality assured system. To find out more on the Strategic Apps development process visit our site or contact us in the comments.

Commercial Sense

If 5 admin staff earning £20,000 per year each save two days per month in labour, that’s a 10% saving = £10,000 saved per year. These days, many business web portals can be setup for less than this and so can pay for themselves in under 12 months.



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