Building your Mansion – The MVP Business Software

Avoid the expensive and painful process of setting up your business software with a structured MVP build strategy.

Stage 1: The MVP

MVP House 1

Don’t throw massive sums at getting your business process automation up and running. The old days of software being costly and high risk are long gone, and with a smartly implemented business software the key aim is to get you turning profit as soon as possible. Every new project inception begins by scoping the grand project aim and the steps required to achieve it, but also maps out the minimum viable product, or MVP.

Once the initial build is defined, you can quickly begin seeing return on investment with a low risk software investment.

Stage 2: The Team Software

MVP House 2

Once your fancy new software is up and running  it’s time to start looking for improvements. Enhance user types so the whole team can begin using it, add new import/export data functions or add an audit of all company actions for example. By scaling up you increase the benefits of your software and move away from the disjointed methods previously used to contain your company records.

Stage 3: The Production

MVP House 3

Now you start to see the benefits and put increased trust into your business software. New opportunities arise for improved UI and increased application efficiency. New business ventures or side projects produce a need for separate applications and maintaining the large volumes of data. The software gives you valuable insights and presents new options for expansion.

Stage 4: The Finale

MVP House 4

The process of continuous software development is mutually beneficial; the software improves your business efficiency and in turn gives you more to invest in improved software. Your cloud application grows with your company, meeting your needs and keeping you at the forefront of modern web technology. Don’t try building your mansion out of the box – structure your plan with an MVP and long term software development plan.

Find out more about Strategic Apps web development on our website.


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