The softwarisation of industry

Software Apps

You may have heard the term before, but it remains vague and unclear. Softwarisation, or the software led evolution of everyday services, is a revolution already well underway. In this post we ask what it is exactly, what does it mean and just how much will it affect your industry.

Well, in answer to that last question, alot.

Its hard to imagine the trends in online software development halting in the near future, and this is largely influenced by that bigger buzz term – big data. The rapid increase in collecting vast amounts of data in just about every industry, from healthcare and policing down to sports and politics, is giving companies greater insights and control over key business decisions. This effective new strategy is making business ever-more reliant on information, and greater requirements for easy and fast access to streamlined accurate data.

A new scope

Now much of this will not seem new, your company may be used to recording data and gaining insight from Excel charts and graphs, or some other third party application. Indeed computing and databases of information are not new trends, but it is more a case of vast data collection and a much greater automation of processes. No longer will companies record stats to manually create graphs, if only due to the sheer quantity of data available and continually collected. Future businesses may not depend on communication between people and computers, more the communication between computers and other computers, with people overseeing the decision making processes between software.

The future of business software will be about automation, efficiency and ultimately, complete control over your organisation’s innovation.

Softwarisation - increased communication with software over people

(photo via farnarcle on

Data analysis

This absorption of data is not just confined to the big web industries, though web analytics are an excellent example,  every company will have the means and access to every type of information they need with the correct data management software. This should ring alarm bells for those companies still mailing spreadsheets across the organisation; a solution is needed. To compete in your industry, you’d be best equipped with data stored in a secure, manageable central platform that can be accessed by those who need it on demand.

This is the ethos behind Strategic Apps, developing web platforms for businesses to get the most from their data. As champions of softwarisation, the understanding of current industry requirements suggests a different way to manage data with a software as a service application, rather than a one-off build that will quickly become outdated. With the correct web development partnership and a strategy to stay innovative, the softwarisation of industries promises excellent long term rewards for any association.


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