Starting with solutions: The minimum viable product

Version 1

One of the central beliefs to SSA’s development strategy is in ensuring clients quickly benefit from their custom built platform. The traditional method of slow process for eventual reward can be bettered in the modern industry with faster development cycles to improve a working product as we discuss here..
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5 Common Software Testing Gotchas

Test Fail

No matter how strong the quality of a digital agency, a solid testing methodology remains essential. As anyone in the software development industry will know, bugs and errors are an inevitable consequence in the building process and only a strong plan for testing will uncover them (before the client does!).

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Performance Analysis of SQL Queries Handling Binary Data

As data inevitably grows in web applications some use cases start responding slowly compared to others which have more or less the same amount of data. There can be several reasons for this, but in this blog we are specifically targeting SELECT statements which refer to tables that have binary (Image) fields. Later in the blog we will show you some real time results carried out on large amount of data with table containing binary data. Continue reading