Welcome to the future – SSA at Inition studios

Inition softwareThe team at SSA have been out and about exploring new tech and innovations, and recently stopped by the showcase products on display at Inition studios in Shoreditch. The futuristic technology developers specialise in a range of exciting new products including virtual reality head-mounted displays, motion capture systems, haptics, 3D printers and 3D scanners, and host regular open days for people to experience their products.

It was a fascinating experience to try out the many exciting new things on display. Particular highlights were the Oculus virtual reality demos and iPad augmented reality applications.

Though not a likely demand for our usual technology requirements setting up web based data management software, it’s an important aspect of a modern web agency to stay aware of moving trends in the industry.

Augmented Reality

For more info, visit their site with information about visiting their demo studios.