The next generation of mobile development

Some insight into Mobile OS history

The first mobile operating system came into existence in 1999 when Nokia released its Symbian OS. By today’s standard it was pretty simple, even though at that time it was the most advanced technology a consumer could have in their pocket, and it was a big hit for several years before the arrival of touch screen era.

Around the same time, Microsoft also introduced their mobile version of Windows OS on devices called Pocket PCs: touch screen devices bundled with a compact version of Windows XP. Some executives and power users were fans, but it remained popular only amongst a very small group of people. 

Up to this point, mobile application development was slow and people had low expectations for the format, but by the introduction of IOS (iPhone OS) on iPhone in 2005, things started to gain pace dramatically.  Apple were the first to introduce the concept of a common place from which anyone could buy applications developed by other developers and  approved by Apple themselves, which made IOS a big hit. Continue reading