5 Features Your Back-Office Systems Should Have

Web Data Software

Since the 2008 crash, regulation has been tightened in many sectors, particularly in financial services. Greater pressure than ever is being placed on the back office to manage vast swathes of information with greater transparency and audit capabilities. Continue reading

Web portals – 3 services for web-savvy customers that your business should have

Web portal

A web portal dashboard (Image via https://dribbble.com/Radium)

Setting up an online portal to access and manage your data is increasingly slipping from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’. Here are 3 essential use-cases that show your business in the best light and make commercial sense too. Continue reading

Starting with solutions: The minimum viable product

Version 1

One of the central beliefs to SSA’s development strategy is in ensuring clients quickly benefit from their custom built platform. The traditional method of slow process for eventual reward can be bettered in the modern industry with faster development cycles to improve a working product as we discuss here..
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