Web portals – 3 services for web-savvy customers that your business should have

Web portal

A web portal dashboard (Image via https://dribbble.com/Radium)

Setting up an online portal to access and manage your data is increasingly slipping from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’. Here are 3 essential use-cases that show your business in the best light and make commercial sense too. Continue reading

5 Examples of softwarisation in action

You may hear the term used in many contexts, softwarisation – the software defined development of technology. The ease of innovation and rapid development through online software is creating a new generation of efficient new technology in a wide variety of industries. But what is it? how will this new buzz term be used and in what context can it be understood, here we give a selection of examples of the softwarisation trend in action. Continue reading

Softwarisation of the food supply industry

Supermarket Fruit

Photo via anthonyalbright on Flickr

When it comes to your company stock pricing information, you need to know your apples from your oranges. This is quite literally the case with fruit supply company AG Thames in the supermarket retail sector, and a recent collaboration with Strategic Apps demonstrates the benefits to data-focused businesses when streamlining their market intelligence. AG Thames Holdings are a long established company based in the UK, they are a major supplier for UK food retailers with revenues now in excess of £250M. Continue reading