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Swatch website

Easily create swatches with Halipixel

Every designer has their own toolset. With different styles and working methods, added the the insane wealth of options available for tasks, we all find a core set of apps to aid our day to day business. Here’s my current list of must haves, check them out and let me know what you use below… Continue reading

Agile Development for Agency Clients: An Introduction

One of our biggest questions when we bring a new client on-board is ‘Do they understand the Agile approach?’ In fact, going back a step, our biggest question when we consider working with a new client is ‘Do they understand the Agile approach?’

Of course we don’t expect most of our clients to understand Agile already, so the question should be better phrased ‘Can this client understand the benefits of the Agile approach?’

Long, hard experience tells us that both parties will end up dissatisfied if the project cannot be conducted in an Agile manner so better not to accept the job if the client will not work Agile.

For the client, this can be seen as a big ask. Working with an Agile team, you need to accept that:

  1. You don’t know exactly what you want
  2. We don’t know exactly what you want
  3. What you want will change frequently
  4. The product will never be ‘finished’
  5. There is no limit to what you can spend

Not the greatest pre-sales pitch! Well, we don’t quite phrase it like that… but you see the problem. Continue reading